June 16th, 2008

Cat - Noir

All the Tribes

I had a realization this weekend that I had lost a bit of "virgin" assumption about tribes last year. I've always had challenges/issues with most of society's tribes. Growing up was really uncomfortable. I was an outsider that was not accepted by the larger tribe. Growing up seemed to be part of the best revenge. The only tribes that remained safe (enough) for me were spiritual/metaphysical in nature. I found a lot of satisfaction in these. This changed in 2007 when a spiritual tribe that I believed in, one that I was qualified to be in, turned out to be dangerous and demeaning to me. Now I am suspicious of all tribes. Where can I be safe? How can I move out of this distrust and/or accept any tribe now? I don't know...

Today's picture is a macro shot of a bush in wulfwalker's yard...

Macro Shot of Pink Flowers - IMG_2265
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