October 14th, 2008

Dark God

A Dark Side

Tonight I watched the movie "Dark Ride", a horror film that mostly takes place in a rather elaborate carnival haunted house. Some would have found it scary and perhaps rather disturbing. I was just left with thoughts like "I wonder what makes this 'horror'" and "I wish I had a camera to take pictures of that!" The horror house scenes had an energetic resemblance to some of my dreams. I am reminded of the dreams in which I drive through an area with deserted and abandoned buildings. Now when I have those dreams I am usually struck with the thought that it would be great to come back and take pictures. Ah... a clue why taking pictures of abandoned places appeals to me. The type of place I really enjoy taking pictures of has "character". The standard neglected dwelling does little for me. Hmmm... interesting mirrors here.

Blakely House - IMG_5766
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