December 2nd, 2008

Cat - Felix Face

That Time of Year...

On the twelfth day of Christmas, greensh sent to me...
Twelve rosefox8s drumming
Eleven the_mad_elfs piping
Ten joshua_rays a-leaping
Nine oceans_voices dancing
Eight dogemperors a-milking
Seven al_aaraafs a-swimming
Six ssuzzi_qs a-laying
Five ke-e-e-eastrees
Four the_earth_paths
Three austin powers
Two perpendicular buildings
...and an abandoned in a photography.
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Dark God

My Evil Nature!!!

Your evil

You appear totally irresistible but inside you are an electrifying siren. Once you have fluttered your eyes and caught someone in your spell there is no way out. As soon as you have sacrificed one victim you are already on the lookout for the next one.
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