January 19th, 2009

Cat - Felix Face

Holiday Monday

Today was a holiday at my workplace, so I got to hang at wulfwalker's another day. That means more puppy pictures! The ones from today are in this flickr set.

Last night I played Gears of War II with Wulfwalker and others online. We played Horde mode for a while and then tried Warzone. This involved person vs. person instead of fighting computer controlled bots. The difference between competing with bots vs. people was really very interesting. I have to say that the computer controlled opponents are very good, but they can predictable at some point. Humans are less predictable, sort of. The human element can do nearly anything, with the "anything" being guided by amazing adaptability. I saw that this amazing potential is sabotaged when people became predictable, assuming they've figured out what the opponents will do. Hmmm... food for thought.

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