May 15th, 2009

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Unfun Choices

I work for a privately held company whose owners are looking to divest themselves of the investment in about 3-5 years. To that end, they've asked my location to 'save' a large amount of money in this time frame. The savings equate to removing cost from the overhead expenses. The most basic way to do this is to let people go. This is not unusual in the current business climate. The unfun choice I have is to gleefully work on projects that will facilitate the firing of people. I asked my former boss about the morality of this, and he said that I should do my best on the projects. The employees will be let go whether I better the projects or not, and my successful input may make a quality of work difference for those who remain behind. I see the wisdom in this thought. There is also the words that our head cheese said during a recent staff meeting... the train is leaving the station. You can either climb on or you can be left behind. Fun fun...

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