June 28th, 2009

Sinfest - Reefer Madness

Booth Babes in Infommericials

I seen something new today... booth babes in infomercials. This took place during Kevin Trudeau's 30 minute spot, "Free Money Book". Kevin has quite a history that includes lawsuits from the FTC regarding his health related publications/informmercials. Additionally, this 20/20 segment on YouTube puts Kevin in a very dim light. I've got some of his health related book in my library.

Anyway, the thing that caught my eye was Sara and Kara. They were the two young ladies "interviewing" Kevin. At first I thought it was one of those beauty product informmercials. No, even though one was dressed in something that looked like her underwear. Lotsa cleavage. I looked online and found the blurb: "Some of these ads includes panels of women, including Playboy playmates, who've assembled to discuss unknown ways to reduce your debt, or natural remedies for health ailments." Of the two I saw, Kara was there just for the looks as Sara (who wore the undergarments as overgarments) did most of the talking.

The booth babe concept is not new. As a professional I've seen them used at industry conventions by reputable companies. So using the ladies does not make Kevin a thief, but it is a phenomenon new to me on TV.

Note... do not order any of Kevin's books through his organization. Feedback on the Consumeraffairs.com website gives numerous examples of up-sell fraud. Maybe I will find the book in the thrift market like I did on the others. Consumer be warned!
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