June 29th, 2009

Cat - Black

Horror Movie Mental Note and Psychic Abilities

If I'm in a really spooky place, and find a animal (especially a cat!) in a cabinet, I should leave immediately. On a second note... if I get the eyes of a person who could see the dead, or to whom the evil spirits were poured into, I should expect to have dark visions that will require me to travel to a far away place to resolve.

But seriously, it is a terrible ability to see the death of somebody. I have one friend who can do this. In the movie I saw today this premonition was interpreted as curses by the village people. To be aware of the future does not mean that one is bringing that future. It is said that awareness of an event can change that event. I don't know if that is true. I do know there are possible futures to choose from, and some are more harmonious than others. The truly accursed seer is one that can see the future, especially a dark one, and has no power to choose.
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