July 2nd, 2009

Frylock Side

No Standard Readings

This week on The Fashion Show the contestants saw a professional psychic and then designed an outfit based on the card they drew. I have to say everyone drew good cards. There were no Tower cars present. Two of the contestants got the six of swords and this was interpreted as traveling. Another got the four of cups and this was interpreted as "connection with nature". The rest of the cards were the two of pentacles, the four of pentacles and the High Priestess. To me these really speak to relationships in their multiples of two.

Reading over the psychic's shoulder was weird. Her interpretations of the cards were either too simple or they really deviated from the textbook meaning. This was true on the four of cups. This is typically of card of being too sure of oneself and indicates a place of lazy danger. It is not typically a 'friendship, love, nature' card.

The caveat here is that there is not really a thing such as a typical reading. While one does have the textbook to fall back on (traditional meanings), the cards can easily take on meanings different from typical, especially when they care combined with other cards to tell a story. With that said, that four of cups card coulda/shoulda been read different to provide a warning instead of reassurance. BUT, the grand lady they used was a professional psychic and I'm just an engineer, so what do I know? (smile).
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