April 10th, 2011

Cat - Black

Paradox of Remembering

One of the mysteries of soul-numbing depression is that it can be difficult to remember the particulars of depression when one is not (as) depressed. The time of non-hope seems just a memory, something that was read about in the past. Believe me, this is a blessing.

The paradox of the forgetfulness is how it contrasts with the role of remembering in spiritual questing. There are many that believe that we humans are on a quest to remember our sacredness and connection with the world. Our impressions of separateness are a symptom of some kind of lingering spiritual amnesia. The soul-numbing depression I experience is anti-spiritual in that separates me from others. I seek to remove myself from the interconnection that underlies our time here. I forget the depression when I am not in it even as I remember my connection to others as I remove my spiritual amnesia. Strange eh?

Interesting how this stuff works!
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