February 22nd, 2013

Cat - Bill The Cat

Feeling Funcational

I'm am getting a glimpse of what a functional alcoholic / recovering alcoholic may feel like. I've never been one, so I could be completely wrong. One of my basis for comparison is a lady my ex-wife worked with. My wife's co-worker longed for the weekends when getting wasted was on the schedule. My apologies if I get this wrong. The co-worker was distracted during the week, and perhaps struggled with physiological factors that only the alcohol could resolve.

Here is my relating. I long for something I should not attain. Why? It would suck for my overall health and piss others off. Depression adds numbing mental / physical element. So, I am in a situation of craving for a not good thing, while struggling with a limitation that stunts my social skills. I feel so distracted and I'm not living in the moment. IT is an addiction.
Goren Murder

Reading My Mind

This is both strange and thought provoking. The blog cartoon Hyperbole and a Half has an entry called Adventures in Depression. I really believe that author has been their given the dead-on truthfulness of some of the material. This one really hit the spot, if I substituted heavy sighs for tears.

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Sigh (heavy). So very true. There are lots of people with diseases and tumors and they don't want to leave. Sigh (again heavy). I feel myself being oppressed by myself.
Professor Chaos - Evil

Humanizing Purity

I was listening to DubStep on Slacker Radio. A song from the Dastik album "Cold Blooded Part I" played. The album cover of the album features a humanoid robotic skull face. A synapse clicked and here I am writing about humanizing purity.

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So we humans, in our mixed up combination of evil and good, think that the purities can be humanized in some way. Dastik has pure evil monsters on their albums and the newage community speaks of our moving to light bodies. Could we transition to pure states? Sure, but we probably wouldn't be human anymore, and we would leave the rest of humanity behind, separated by our purity.