March 22nd, 2013

I Want to Believe

Numb or Letting Go?

Question... how does one tell if they are going unhealthily numb or if they are letting go of things that should be discarded?

Change can be very good. I recently shared on my facebook page a pic that says "If you are want to change you will have to be willing to be uncomfortable". Fine... but! Too much change can overwhelm the senses, and we humans tend to go numb in response to over stimulus. An extreme example of this is amnesia of especially traumatic events. Numbness is a balm that supports a version of sanity.

Change also asks us to put aside things / ideas / people that are not part of the new paradigm. The outcome is a healthier environment. Clutter, debris, and downright toxic elements are removed from the personal environment. Good stuff typically. Things put aside are no longer felt (as much) as they are no longer part of our larger reality.

So, back to the question. If I am no longer experiencing certain emotions or thoughts, how do I know if I've gone numb or if they are truly discarded? Time will tell, but is there a litmus test that is more immediate? Hmmm...