November 9th, 2013

Cat - Felix Pace

I Was Fired

I was fired in my dream this morning. I only realized that I wasn't fired when I woke up. I didn't panic. During the dream I was working through all the things I had to do and could do to move forward. I ended up hoping I could go back to my prior job and living in the prior house that had not sold yet. The incredible hassle was going to be the moving part. Yuck.

Fortunately this dreamed reality does not match up with my waking reality. We do have several houses on the market, but we would not have to move if I were to go back to my old job. I had the impression that my “old job” was my current waking job, but I can't be for sure.

My dreams get really fuzzy upon awaking, but I do remember a few aspects. Apparently I had been at the dream job for about three years and I was about to go onto some new things on the job, so it was disappointed to leave the job. This does match up with details of my waking job.

The other really weird aspect of the dream is that I was scheduled to pitch in a softball game. I attended a party and “forgot” to go to the softballs game and do my pitching. I then found out about the loss of the job. This is pure dream because I don't play softball and have never pitched. I was a key player in the game, and knew that people had been disappointed by my non-appearance. My dream was making things up, but I have to wonder what cross-mapping it was making to aspects of waking reality.