November 17th, 2013

I Want to Believe

Dream Archetypes

It is weird how dreams have both repeating symbols and stuff that only pops up once. Take this morning... I dreamed that I was driving my car to a semi-isolated mountain location. It is only semi because a building was just down the hill. I had been there before, but this time it was snowing and I barely got up the hills. I arrived and found a group of people there. They wee boating up the small stream adjacent to the hill. That was OK, and they looked over the animals I had brought with me: a dog, a moose and raccoon. They really like the moose. Hmmm... I later had a cat too, and I think the raccoon turned into a skunk. The people turned out to be a cult who summoned some end-of-times monster. I put two of the animals in my car and went in search of my dog. Snow was gone, because it was the transformed future, and I never did find my dog. I did find one of my animals, it was something small, but it was only a copy because it was the future and the animal looked kinda smushed.

Ok... onto the archetypes. It is not unusual for me to dream about animals in my dream. It is incredibly common for me to dream about invasion / end of world stuff. I'd completely miss disaster precognition stuff in my dreams because the events happen so often.

The punch line is that the guys in the future used virtual reality rigs. Apparently one other guy came from the past and he was insane. He infected the VR equipment with his madness and it looked like the cycle of running and hiding was beginning again.