December 25th, 2013

Shaman - Horse

Magic Photos

I saw a documentary on Eddie Adams. He was an incredibly talented photographer who was also depressed. He created incredible images that others appreciated but he struggled to create the perfect photo that would make him happy, for a time. A friend of his commented that the work involved in creating a commercial photo bled them of creativity. The round and round of picking the photo, tweaking it, approving it, rinse and repeat, had its toil.

I can relate, though I don’t sell my photos. Instead I can relate that over working or analysis of a photo can remove the magic. I hope to avoid this to some degree. I take many photos, sometimes over thousand. I then review them and chuck out the ones that just don’t work at all. I then go through them and look at the one by one. I look for something special in their composition or look for a series of photos that express a wonderful move. These are kept and the thousand is cut in half. These have some magic by my estimation, and it is these that I share with others. I hope I choose well!