December 28th, 2013

ATHF - Shake

My Musical Listening Quirks

I really really enjoy most forms of EDM, electronic dance music. It has an energy that touches my soul and gets my thoughts jumping. I also can't stand it at times, but only because I have some musical listening quirks. Firstly, I despise repeated lyrics. I don't mind the music have repeating nature, within reason. The rave music of the 90's pushed this too far and I did not embrace it. Now the edm artists are a little less lazy. With that said, I can not stand the same lyrics said over and over again. There must be some fans that like this, but I can't understand the attraction. Secondly, I don't like profanity in my edm. I turn off songs that have the f*ck word and will not listen to songs with m*therf*cker. Come on guys. Please be edgy in another way. Somebody once said "Profanity is the last refuge of the truly ignorant".  Thankfully most edm is smart and progressive.