February 12th, 2014

I Want to Believe

The Root of Problems

I watched a paid advertisement this morning on TV. It was for a child therapist hawking his program. His premise for child difficulties was very interesting: they can't solve problems. The solution seems to be an adaption of "tough love" that puts structure in the childs' lives.

This kinda makes sense. The inability to deal with issues in one's life, that is, the inability to find solutions to life's problems, can lead to people doing stupid things. Children struggle with all kinds of problems that they can't solve. This can be extended to adults an the issues project upward too.

Here is the rub I see... either parents are the root of the unsolvable issues or the problems are ones that parents can't touch. An abusive parent is an example of the root thing. Bullying or body issue problems are examples of the later.

What do you think? Is a structured tough-love approach something that can help children and adults? Is this revolutionary?