February 25th, 2014

Shaman - Horse

Altered States of Consciousness - Part 3

The purpose of this series of blog entries is to review the concept of what consciousness is, how consciousness is altered, and how the shaman uses the shift.

The Magic of Reality

What does it mean to rediscover the magic in life? How does one rediscover the magic? The answer is through altered consciousness. We have glimpses of the magic even as we are in our boxes, but our ego moves us away from the windows and directs us to be safe in our victimhood. The subconscious mind is put in a dark corner of the box, or more likely, it is locked outside. The shifting into altered consciousness reunites the waking and asleep minds. The secret to the reunion is that the boxes of our ego and victimhood build are merely illusions. They are unknowing, sleeping application of the magic of life. The box of ego is melted away when we grasp the altered consciousness. We don’t have to walk out the door because the box was never really there. The box and its door were only present when we chose it to be present.

The combined conscious knows that it sees what it believes. Our realities are only limited by belief. Belief is only limited by imagination. Magical imagination lives outside of fear and embraces all that is known to be possible. Is the limitation of imagination what we know? This is where the subconscious mind gives a hand. The subconscious mind easily taps into ancient archetypes, channeled material, spirit guides, and all other forms of energy, form, and communication that are just out of sight from the conscious mind. The subconscious mind provides or augments the knowledge of the conscious mind.

The conscious mind does take many cues from the physical surroundings. The society around a person has much to say about how things work, when they work, and where they work. This is both very powerful and it can also be a detriment. A culture that is rich in a magical mythology can give a very healthy and vibrant frame for the subconscious to fill in. The restrictive culture stunts the subconscious, providing little room for it to blossom and grow.

There are also layers to a society. Society is parents, authority figures, and teachers. Society is what we learn through our own studies and those directed by others. How does self-taught knowledge relate to the layers of society? The materials used are a product of the society. If the subconscious mind is not providing information, all we can know is what has been already recorded. The subconscious mind provides new fuel for learning. The subconscious mind transcends the layers of society.