March 20th, 2014

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The Urge to Create, No Matter What

I believe that there is an innate drive for humans to create. Somewhere I read that the basic requirements for living were shelter and warmth. These will keep a person alive, but this is not enough to truly thrive. At some level the full expression of existence demands a form of personal expression. The stamp of "I AM" is programmed into our beings. The suppression of this urge is done at the detriment of the individual. The outlet of this urge promotes the growth of the individual.

This is a good place to introduce my "wall-paper" theory. Humans crave change and contrast. The human attention is transitory, seeking fresh sights and sounds for it's delight. The continuous viewing of one object, no matter how beautiful, is not satisfactory to the human mind. The wall-paper of life must change. Those people who accept the same continuous stimuli are seen as deviant. We punish people by removing variety. Witness the modern penal system. We pity those, who by disease or injury, are left in a vegetative state. Humans will resist being "wall-papered" by life. To keep sanity and soul, people will create in any way that they can.

The need to create something is the source of the shadow of creativity. People will seek some expression of themselves. The suppression of this has the same results as pushing the air out of one end of a tubular balloon. The air will go to the other end of the length. Just as there is no way to completely flatten a balloon, the human desire to create cannot be completely squelched. The balloon can be flattened by popping it, allowing all air to escape. Some people attempt to suppress their creative desires. The reasons can be external, like societal pressures, or inward, like a desire for false quietude. No matter the reason, there will be a reaction for highly creative people. The outcome can be reactive, violent, and destructive. The greater the suppression, the greater the eventual explosion. The platitude of "live with it" or "get over it" is not enough. Creativity will happen. The serial killer is an artisan in his own right. The mob riot is a song of rage. It is incumbent on us, as a family and society, to recognize the needs while they are small and benign. The proper channeling of creation can prevent the shadow from fully expressing its darkness.

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Darkness and Creation - A Personal Story

Darkness does have a place in creation. There is a tremendous power stored in the shadow. In the early 2000s I was told that I should be writing. At that time I struggled mightily with dark thoughts. I told myself, "I cannot write of what I know. Who wants to hear about madness?". Now I do write. My own shadow is still there. Now the darkness informs my writing, adding wisdom and insight. There are artists who's works are simultaneously very dark, even as they peers into the depths of the human experience. Sometimes it is difficult to look, read or listen to these creations. This is OK. The artist is creating for themselves and for those who are capable of sharing the vision. Deep down, the darkest of works are created with the mantra of "somebody will see this, somebody will recognize this". The shadow is crucial part of creation. Without the darkness, there cannot be light.

"In the beginning God created heaven and earth." So says Genesis 1:1. I say that God is still creating the heaven and the earth. We stare into the same void. We maintain our sanity and soul by seeing the void as a place of potential. What are we to do on this earth? What is our purpose? Merely create the best you can. On the sixth day, you too will say, "behold, it was very good".