March 30th, 2014

Red Guy

Tokyo Calling

I've been looking around the net In preparation for an April Fools event.  I found the following gem... a heavy / black metal lyrics generator. 

Dark Tokyo - By / Lyrics Generator

Me and her, in darkness today
Now, forever, in your dreams
In life, so buried and burning
Time and Satan, destined to pray

In Tokyo tomorrow, I can conceal
Malfunctioning, die and love to hate
Me and her, in my dreams forever
Drown for sorrow, sharp tonight

In your arms, dreaming yesterday
Tomorrow, forever, in Tokyo
Missing, I shall scream for my innocent blood
Conceal child, beat me and drown

For master, I would bury her
In my dreams today, I can pray
With my beautiful hell, I can kiss
Her blessed darkness, so beautiful