April 8th, 2014

Cat Chair

Some Thoughts About Music

A friend and I were chatting about dance quotes.  I found my quote "dance is music made visible". This really spoke to me.   I have a secret love affair with music, and for me dance is an extension of music.   I suppose that I am taking pictures of music when I take pictures of dancers.  Is that cool or what? 

My friend shared a quote that stated that the movement of the dancer is the extension of the music you are hearing.  I think life is more complicated than that.   Some people dance to their own tune, and not the music that's currently turned on.    The saying "Dance to your soundtrack" comes to mind.    Part of me finds this disturbing because my "soundtrack" is not always friendly to me.  Sometimes we need a reminder that our dances are off, in need of an adjustment.

The magic I find in music is that it reminds me that there is a purer vibration than the soundtrack I have going on in my head.  Music helps me transcend my soundtrack because it transcends the everyday world.  Music is magic.  I really believe that music is the expression of order and chaos, each in counter balance. Music can be so predictable, but there is such mystical expression in outcome.   I find comfort in that dual nature of music: order and art