April 26th, 2014

ATHF - Moonnites Rule

Contra Cycles

This time of year, just before summer, is a bitter sweat time of year for me. Several of my contradancing friends are completing their schooling and moving on with life. A big kudos and well wishes goes out to them as they transition onward. This is the sweet part. The bitter part is knowing that their time in the contradancing community may be coming to an end.

My involvement with dancing and photography builds relationships between myself and the other dancers. I've really grown through the years because of the interaction. I've seen my fellow dancers also grow and mature in some wonderful ways. They've gone from novice dancers to real powerhouses. I've seen connections form between members of the community. I've been fortunate to document that connections. Sometimes I'm even captured on photo with my new friends!

These transitions enrich my life. People move on or up, and more people will appear. The cycle of bitter sweet relationships turns, and I am blessed for it.