September 6th, 2014

ATHF - Shake

Under My Skin

From 2007... because I am be bugged by things nowdays...

Are there times when a situation or a person really bugs you? It just gets under your skin and rankles your nerves? Have you ever asked, "why does this situation bother me? what can I do about it?". The good and the bad news is that the root of the issue is you and yourself. I say this will little interest in the blame game of life. I say this in the spirit of healing those things that can be healed, and laying down those things that just are.

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The "probably you" reactions of life can be quite frustrating, and quite frankly, destructive to the life of the person with these reactions. The identification and resolution becomes important for the sanity and quality-of-life for those afflicted and affected. I write about these because I am dealing with these modalities myself. I blog for myself, to put myself on paper, and later articles will touch on these behaviors. Feel free to add anything to these observations!
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