September 15th, 2014

Sinfest - Devil Booth

Poem - Grains on the Beach

The world is a really messy place. So full of personal truths. The publicist, also known as propagandist, will present you a handy narrative you may use to set things right, at the cost of your soul. You will perish eventually, but before then, will you give away that thing that is most precious?

Grains on the Beach

Grains of sand on the beach
are the truths in the world.
So many and so unique,
I could drown in their breadth.

But allow me to present my narrative!
It is a thing you must embrace.
Cloying mud is my message:
sticking, clinging, consuming.

No grain of truth visible
in my wet mud confection.
No need for truth!
Mud is all we need, a tailored metaphor.

I must make a choice,
to drown in beach,
or to be covered in mud.
Truth or narrative, which is my lord?

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.