September 17th, 2014

Comment - Vampire Like You

Poem - That Guy

The television series “Z-Nation” had a hapless guy bitten by a zombie in the first episode. Lore says that he will eventually become a zombie too. Now he is hiding it from his comrades. This will not end well…

That Guy

I am that guy
Implanted by an alien
Scratched by a werewolf
Bitten by a zombie

Contagion amongst you
Danger within
I hide my curse
From my friends

If you only knew
You would not approve
If you were aware
I would be dead

Should I stay?
A member for a time
Should I go?
To join my real kind

Because I am that guy
A mask upon my face
Not really one of you
Not of the human race

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.