September 20th, 2014

I Want to Believe

Gates of Dreaming

From 2007... and I don't do enough of this stuff anymore.

Because I'm interested in expanded realities...

The Seven Gates of Dreaming

Summarized from "The Art of Dreaming'' by Carlos Castaneda.

First Gate:
You reach the first gate when you become aware you are falling asleep or have a gigantically real dream. You cross the first gate when you are able to sustain the sight of any item in your dream.

In order to offset the evanescent quality of dreams, sorcerers have devised the use of the starting point item. Every time you isolate it and look at it, you get a surge of energy. The most convenient thing to use is your hands (which follows naturally from looking for your hands in your dreams).

Second Gate:
You cross the second gate when you are able to change from dream to dream. For example, you wake up from a dream in another dream or use an item of your dream to trigger another dream.

Third Gate:
You reach the third gate when you dream yourself asleep. You cross the third gate by moving your energy body after having done so. At the third gate you begin to merge your dreaming reality with the reality of the daily world.

Fourth Gate:
At the fourth gate, the energy body travels to specific, concrete places either in this world, out of this world, or places that exist only in the intent of others.

Go to sleep in a certain position, then in dreaming, dream that you lie down in the same position and fall asleep again. This is called the twin positions and it solidifies your dreaming attention. The second dream is intending in the second attention: the only way to cross the fourth gate of dreaming.
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