September 23rd, 2014

I Want to Believe

People Who Inspire Me

A friend nominated me earlier this month with the “positive challenge”. The goal was that for seven days I would post 3 positive things and nominate people to do the same. I passed on the challenge because I'm not a fan of nominating, and because I am having problems with positive thinking.

I would like to do something else in place of the positive challenge. There are people in my immediate and peripheral life who inspire me. These people give me hope that I can do better. They show that the world is more than darkness, sorrow, and struggling. Are these people the only special people in the world? Of course not. Everyone has talents, potentials, and ways they touch the world. The deal with this list is that these people give me inspiration to do more, and this is incredibly positive.

Patti Thomas – has an incredible positive outlook which challenges me to do the same
Katherine Lawler - such a joyful outlook to life
Lance Andrews – super photographer, networker, and rising star
Ivy Taylor - talent, talent, and more talent – watch out photography world!
Jennifer Jacobsen – perseverance, striving, and achievement in the face of adversity
Paul Hoke - arts teacher and promoter
Wendy Ryea – accomplished dancer and kind teacher
Lupa – writer of books on various spiritual topics
Jennifer Ables - teacher and spiritual guide
My Lovely Wife – patience and resilience

Who inspires you? Consider giving them a shout-out too.