September 29th, 2014

Cat Jazz Hands

Poem - Swing Lead

I'm getting better at doing the lead swing thing. This poem is a loose interpretation of what I and others experience. It is also fodder for swing quotes!

Swing Lead
Poem for Day 006 - 20140929

I am the swing lead
guiding you through dance.
I'll be your swing lead,
step up and take a chance.

The dance is my invention
that I create on the spot.
Don't be left in suspension,
come on out and have a trot.

We'll do a basic step
linked in the closed position.
Just a rock-step baby
then the inside turn rendition.

Onto the fancier stuff!
I've got moves to spare.
Some may call them fluff,
but we do them with flair.

It's all about being cool.
We'll have that attitude.
We make look the fool,
swing gives us that latitude.

The song is ending its groove.
I hope you've been pleased.
We've strutted our moves
because I'm the swing lead.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.