September 30th, 2014

Frylock Side

Poem - Welcome to G-Vegas

Inspired by the fabo night of swing dancing at Landmark Hall. The event was promoted by Paul Hoke. Music provided by Johnny Boyd – singer, songwriter and swing lover!

Welcome to G-Vegas
Poem for Day 007 - 20140930

Welcome to Fabulous G-Vegas,
hello baby, we've got the songs.
It's where swing is the greatest
with just the right amount of wrong.

What happens stays here,
where girls go to play.
The guys bring the heat.
with a jive rock step beat.

Take you gal for a spin
on the dance floor tonight.
Johnny Boyd sings the tunes,
his band banging while he croons.

Every city has a soul
and ours is the best.
Have fun in the twilight
and never be blue.

We've got it.
We're flaunting it.
Butterfly on the floor,
swing dancing till we can't do no more.

This is the City of Entertainment,
the magic of G-Vegas,
got it and flaunting it,
The city of swing is where it's at.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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