October 13th, 2014

ATHF - Moonnites Rule

Poem - Dancing Legs

Some of my most popular dance pictures are predominated by the long lower limbs of the body. I am speaking of legs. Yes, they are terribly practical in moving during a dance. They are also incredibly sensual. The poem “Dancing Legs’ is filled with slang, some Cockney, about legs. There is little rhyming. Instead I stick to an eight beat for each line of the poem. Throw in a refrain and this would be a sweet little song about those gams!

Dancing Legs
Poem for Day 020 – 20141013

There is a part we'd like to see
long and limber and oh so nice!
Strut it on the dance floor tonight,
Lovely dancer show those legs.

Great gams, nice stems, beautiful pins,
move them to the sensual beat.
Ham and eggs, scotch pegs, cribbage pegs,
how I love to see your drumsticks.

Flashing and dashing on the floor.
Dipping and lift for all to see,
beautiful pins so long and lean.
Your uprights delight to no end.

It should be apparent to all
the long limb I love very most!
Dancing and twirling and dipping,
those mystic megs on the dance floor.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.