November 26th, 2014

Professor Chaos - Angry

Poem - At Our Feet

Societal rage is a very real thing. Those in power who forget this are tempting the fates of dramatic change. This has already happened in small ways. The Tea Party has been strange bedfellows with the We are 99% movement. The commonality is a feeling of being disenfranchised and powerless. This may not be the end. A pat on the head by the establishment is eventually felt as a club to the skull. The poem “At Our Feet” is a dire look forward to the end-game that is mob justice.
This poem is in the story line of my poem “Revolution Take Your Soul”. I apologize for this continuing dark theme. The recent events have my mind worried. I see normally kind friends turning to rage. They do so out of a heartfelt concern, but the result is still a smoldering rage that may not be quenched. Poetry is an outlet to understanding this day.

At Our Feet
Poem for Day 064 – 201411226

Look here and see us,
the powerless seek recourse.
There is nothing to discuss.
it is your end we endorse.

Forget your words of law.
We've been without far too long.
Eat your rules
while we loot your house.

Your structures imprison.
Your rules impede.
Class warfare is the rule.
We have nothing left to lose.

Our resources are limited,
you laugh at our weakness.
Don't think us timid,
your end is our business.

We are legion, we are here.
our allies are everywhere.
We have a common enemy
and it is thee.

Embrace the rage.
Reject the logic.
Seek the solution
in armed revolution.

Our goals are simple.
Demolition is our goal.
Destroy the middle,
the top will implode.

The ashes will be our home,
little different from what is now.
The only difference is
you will be dead at our feet.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Professor Chaos - Angry

Poem - Revolution Take Your Soul

My posting for 11/25/14 did not happen on that day. Darn tired! Here is what should have gone up!

A revolution is what they want. The reason does not matter. Only the ends matter. This mindset scares the poop out of me. Somewhere along the way the sins of the past dictate that anything is possible in the present.

Revolution Take Your Soul
Poem for Day 063 – 201411225

We are not violent, you paint us so,
to lessen our place is your goal.
Our humanity has not left our soul,
you see us with anger unconsoled.

We will abide this no longer,
we act with nurtured anger.
You betrayed us this day,
and we will assure you will pay.

Now the verdict is cast,
now the decision is made.
Stand aside my friend,
or this night will be your last.

Our anger is our fuel,
our wrath is no longer contained,
no more can this be delayed,
beat the drums at end of the day.

Our dignity is our goal,
at end of our sharp stick.
Feel the brush of our hot flame,
as we take back what you stole.

We are here to fight,
it is time to devour our foes.
Ask not for mercy this night,
we grasp power at your woe.

History is our truth,
the struggle has been long.
Bloodletting is our goal,
the revolution take your soul.

Under your unholy rule
we've been broken and we've been wronged
Our time has come, you have the past.
We will rule, you will be outcast.

Be advised my friend,
this is not about this particular night.
We seek our place in society
and you will be put in your place.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.