November 27th, 2014

Shaman - Horse

Poem - Pizza on the Phone

I have a list where I put poem ideas. Some are just fragments. On such fragment said “The abyss of the oven is dark and looming”. I think I saw part of that online and thought it was a great starting point for a poem. Well, here comes Thanksgiving, and the time is right to unveil “Pizza on the Phone”.

Pizza on the Phone
Poem for Day 065 – 20141127

The abyss of the oven,
so dark and looming.
Beware the portal of doom,
your stomach is at risk!

Infernal temperatures present,
swinging up and down.
Cold to hot, hot to cold
Never in the middle found.

Can glass really melt,
when dough remains raw?
Step away from the remains.
There's nothing left to gnaw.

Turkey in a bag!
Mistake proof they agree.
The oven will dash your hopes
leaving you soup in a sack.

Turkey in a pan!
Want yours desiccated and dry?
Never mind the scorching.
Make my stuffing seared!

Finally the souffle,
so delicate and tender.
Your sacrifice is accepted
by the demon of the oven.

The doom has come to Sarnath.
A Hellmouth in the kitchen.
Your meal will be the victim,
as you order pizza on the phone.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.