November 30th, 2014

Shaman - Horse

Poem - Puzzle

Inspiration for poems is a strange thing. The poem “Puzzle” started out with the last line in my head. The first to lines immediately followed it, and then the rest were nurtured into existence. This is a bitter-sweet poem for me. I have puzzle pieces laying around that I've not fully utilized. I focus on the center when the foundational edges really require my attention. During all of this, I seek where I and others fit into the puzzle that is my life.

Poem for Day 068 – 20141130

Have you ever considered
that life is a puzzle?
So many pieces
to assemble in a lifetime.
So many close fits
when only one will combine.
No reference to see.
To assemble this is a challenge indeed.

See the gold and green,
Amber and aquamarine,
School bus yellow and terra cotta.
I am dazzled by the array.
So many colors
mixed in amazing pattern.
Something is not here,
a color missing in puzzle present.

Work the edges,
move towards the center.
Each new combination
is another adventure.
One piece leads to another,
relying on each other to build.
A finished product I seek,
moving towards my life fulfilled.

What is your place?
How do you fit into my life?
I know it is a good one,
one I would quite like.
The puzzle seems incomplete.
Toss the pieces and start anew.
Ah, the puzzle is solved.
The missing piece is you!

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved