December 5th, 2014

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Poem - I'm a Contradancer

I put together a list of “things you need to know if you date a contradancer”. One day it will be a meme! For now I present to you the poem “I'm a Contradancer”.

I'm a Contradancer
Poem for Day 073 – 20141205

If you want to date me,
let's get this straight
I'm a contradancer
with some things to explain.

I've driven two hours
to the contra event
just to dance for three hours
and then drive home far too late.

We're a strange group,
the guys will wear a dress
No smoking or drinking!
We're just here to dance.

Take my hand in groups of four,
the caller leads our dance.
The moves are easy to learn
as the live band supplies the tunes.

Look into my eyes,
don't dare turn away
a dizzy you'll become
if you don't hold my gaze.

I have some cool moves
to spice up the night.
Let's try some swing and blues.
No worries, it's all contra to me.

I'm just a contradancer,
don't ask me to twerk.
Just before we depart
I'll waltz with you sweetheart.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved