December 15th, 2014

Shaman - Horse

Poem - Outsider's Strife

We are all outsiders in our own special way. The appearance of a normal group, with their dogmatic rules, invites the role of the outsider. How to react? What does the group want? This is a poem on that subject.

Outsider's Strife
Poem for Day 83 – 20141215

So speaks the outsider with an inner critique:
I am a stranger among you, can you handle me?
By action I am foreign, ways not your own.
By identity I contrary, an abnormal quantity.
By beliefs I am different, a puzzle to you.
Standards of relating fail when you meet my face.
Friction will be the outcome if realize my place.

What would you name this disconnect?
outsider, heretic
maverick, eccentric
dissenter, bohemian
pervert, abomination

So speaks the group in a voice to shriek:
We are the group, seeking continuance of sanity.
We are to connect in a very certain way.
Rigid adherence is needed to continue the norm.
We hate your difference, but we love you.
Change you way and find shelter in our arms.
Shuck the sin and find the sacred path.

We have our ways to reinforce the path:
philosophy, law
dogma, tradition
morals, rules
ethics, beliefs

The outsider hears the voices: inner and outer.
How will they react with a deck so stacked?
To be true to themselves is fraught with peril.
The outsider speaks of a plan and seeks a path unwise.

So I could break the laws and garner your hate.
I will violated your morals so sin is my fate.
Your traditions are foreign, a creation of your kind.
Your dogma and morals are from your institutions.
None of these things are who I truly am.
None of this matters, for I am a stranger in your midst.

In the end I will hide in your teaming hoard.
A stranger to wear the mask of the scaremonger.
Your traditions I will wear as a cloak not my own.
Morals I will parrot while I go on covert.
I die a little each day in this sham of a life.
To do so is the way of the outsider's strife.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.