December 17th, 2014

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Poem - Polyjobory

Yes, I will admit that I am a polyjoborist. I am polyjoborous in my interests! My daytime job is as a Software Compliance Analyst. This is also known as a Software Quality Analyst. I am really a decently paid technical writer. At the same paying job I do a bit of programming! Outside of 9-5 I have a reputation as a photographer, poet, and blogger. I also program on the side and pursue a fair amount of computer science interests. Yes, I am a polyjoborist. I wrote the poem “Polyjobory” to explain this condition.

Poem for Day 85 – 20141217

I have this passionate desire,
I am accepting this practice.
More than one intimate work relationship
with consent of everyone involved!
Polyjobory is abbreviated as poly.
Described as consensual non-jobgamy.
It does have a broader sense,
extending to my hobbies and other interests.

Here me now! This is not a casual work fling.
Do not confuse it with flirtatious employment.
While I may have several jobs at the same time,
all my jobs have ethics, honesty and transparency!
Please consider the source of my practice.
Poly is Greek from many or several.
Job is a variant of gobbe, mass or lump.
Together are quite different from part timing.

This is more than a philosophy for me.
It is in fact a lifestyle part of my biography.
I have multiple jobs, with interests of many types.
You could say I am polyjobnous if you were
to try to put me in a tidy little box.
An income is not a requirement for my work affairs,
No contract stating fulltime employment.
Some of my jobs I do for free, though some disagree!

The skills and rules of 9 to 5 must be retooled
to juggle my many complex work relationships.
You may not wish to reject work’s relational exclusivity.
Just know this however, polyjobory is committed.
It takes a person emotionally suited, ready for the foray,
to take on the variety of “employment” doorway.
I am flexible and fluid, ready to take on these jobs,
from salary to hobby, I practice polyjobory.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.