December 18th, 2014

Shaman - Horse

Poem - LIfe Exposed

A dear friend wrote about feeling passionate about life, and how the passion would almost take over. They wondered why others did not feel the same. I can relate to this in a few areas of my life. Some types of music (SWING!) results in attacks of tarantism (uncontrolled dancing). I wanted to honor my friend with a poem about the stirring of emotions and the rawness of living life.

Life Exposed
Poem for Day 86 - 20141218

My emotions stir.
More than I can declare.
Sometimes the passion
Is more than I can bear.

Do I seem high to you?
It is not any drugs.
Only life’s burning rage
flowing through my body.

I cannot just sit still.
I cannot stay focused.
Pardon me if I laugh
when no joke has been told.

My speech patterns will change.
I cannot resist to sing.
If this does satisfy,
I may have to just scream.

A physical act,
something energetic,
will bleed off some tension.
I need to dance or run!

I may become unglued.
Work and world will witness
my wild transformation:
my alienation.

Why does this not happen
to you my dear friend?
Do I feel life too much,
or do you just pretend?

This is how I live life.
It is who I am now.
Please accept my passion,
life lived fully exposed.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.