December 25th, 2014

Shaman - Horse

Poem - Contradancing in Black and White

I had some wonderful photos that I wanted to post to “Dancers of the Carolinas”. I don't know if you realize it guys, but you are so super sexy attractive alive when you are contradancing. Just saying! I wrote “Contradancing in Black and White” with specific pictures in mind.

Contradancing in Black and White
Bonus Poem for Day 92 – 20141224

Join me at the contradance
so we can strut our stuff
beneath the many lights
muted to a showing of black and white.

I'll spin you so,
your skirt flared in response.
Lovely legs are shown,
dress fluttering in the air just so.

I'll turn you around,
lift your hand into the air,
and we'll move to the next step
of our dance of eloquence.

Drape your arm across my back,
our faces turned to smile.
This dance is an enchantment,
heaven on earth as we progress.

I'll dip you and look into your eyes,
but wait, we have company,
a photographer stalks us there,
never mind, we will dance on.

We'll finish the night with a side dip.
Our eyes will meet in a knowing look.
No matter where we were before,
we are together here now.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Shaman - Horse

Poem - Pieces of Life

An amazing friend posted a yearly introspective for 2014. I found it very moving and asked if I could turn their insightful words into a poem. The answer was yes, and the result is the poem “Pieces of Life”.

Pieces of Life
Poem for Day 93 – 20141225

My life fell to pieces,
so I picked them up.
I turned each one over again
and looked them in the face.
I befriended them one by one,
even the frightening ones.
They were met with love,
touched with understanding,
and through the pain came beauty
as I built up myself anew.

The pieces were linked by faith,
this too was renewed within.
I had passed on my cross for life,
placed in the tomb for death,
only to be reborn in faith
that life could begin again.
My old faith had fallen apart,
a new faith took its place.
The dying was the hardest,
but the rebirth was where I found myself.

In the end I learned life's constant:
to surrender my life to my God.
My problems, my worries,
my concerns, and my anxieties
were taken up by with God's grace.
In return I found self love,
more precious than anything else.
From the pieces I found myself,
sorted from the unnecessary given up,
and I loved life as I loved myself.

© 2014. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.