January 24th, 2015

Shaman - Horse

Poem - Trickster

Who are the tricksters in our society? They range from Bugs Bunny to John Stewart. The poem “Trickster” is about the many beneficial aspects of the Trickster spirit.

Poem for Day 024 - 20150124

Seek them not
in one face or sex.
Expectations disabused
by a shifting guise.
Knowing of years,
young of action,
lessons come after
prankster has acted.

Respect only given
to innocent true heart.
All others will learn
at mirth's cutting edge.
Pull back the curtain,
with tricks and games,
awareness shared
as tyrants are shamed.

Jester of the court,
prance about for us,
tell us the things
we secretly want to hear.
With voice of gibe wit,
you speak truth taboo.
Take message to heart,
secrets only they can say.

Creator of life
with only mud at hand.
Evoke our world,
bring new life from old.
Speak for the gods,
walk as the sacred,
with guise of the knave,
intercede on our behalf.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
ATHF - Moonnites Rule

Poem - Mutual Journey

The majority of my social media friends are under 30. I am a bit older. There is a magic that I feel when I interact with them. I am just so darn impressed with most of them, and I take encouragement in their example. My life, while it has run longer, is not over. There are journeys still waiting for me. I challenged myself to express this through poetry, and the result is the poem “Mutual Journey”.

Mutual Journey
Bonus Poem for Day 024 - 20150124

I look to the young and envy them so.
No, this is not true, though I still fixate.
What is this thought I want to create?

I have to consider their place in my world.
What can they tell me that I don't already know?
What do they have that I lack in myself?

Truth comes to my tongue, revealed to my heart.
There is no difference between young and old.
Today is the place from which we depart.

The past gives me wisdom, scars mark their space.
This is shared by the young, though they may have less.
Marks are the maps leading to anyplace.

New prodigy, stretch your wings and now fly.
You have so much potential, roads not yet walked.
World could be ours, now just out of reach.

I look to the young and walk by their side.
Mutual inspiration will be our guide.
This is the thought I wanted to create.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Shaman - Horse

Poem - She Was the Melody

I was checking out poems in Tumblr and there I came across the mixed media expression of “She was the melody” (http://instagram.com/p/x6A2OBAA3y/). It immediately spoke to the poet to me. The result is “She Was The Melody”. It is a poem about remembrance of a special person no longer in my life.

She Was the Melody
Bonus Poem for Day 024 - 20150124

She was the melody
of a song I long to sing.
Notes of rare beauty,
a theme heaven sent.

She harmonized my life,
brought peace to my strife,
and now her notes echo
in the memory of my heart.

An aria of past days,
her smile accompanied the song,
lips kissing pressed to mine,
in former rapture of love combined.

The shadows of yesteryear
are the chorus to my thoughts
as I remember my love
who sang to my heart.

She was the melody,
now lost to the past,
harmony of life lost,
a piece of heaven spent.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.