April 11th, 2015

Shaman - Horse

Poem - Dance in Fog

Why are people in our lives? What purpose do they have, or does that even matter? Our weakness are revealed, our strengths are enhanced, bonds are created or broken, and then we pass from the stage.

Dance in the Fog
Poem for Day 101 – 20150411

Haze surrounds me, walking asleep,
stumbling through a life incomplete.
Could I awake for a mere moment
to see a world that surrounds me?

Cast of characters on a stage of life,
roles written on a script unseen.
So many people in my biography
with purposes that the playwright conceals.

The fog parts for when you are here,
a glimpse is seen of a valued peer.
No matter the occupation or age,
there is a reason for this situation.

Femme fatale or motherly guide,
valued confidant or sly corrupter,
platonic friend or something more,
can I foretell what you will be to me?

Look to the divine for guidance now,
a ray through the overcast clouds looks down.
Shining upon the one that I see
in life's entanglements, you and me.

As long as the music plays, we will dance.
My life unfolding, made more complete.
Whatever your role, whoever you are,
I am glad to consider you part of my world.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved