April 13th, 2015

BRA - Dangerous

Cold Steel

Angry and having no desire to hang out. The result is “Cold Steel”.

Cold Steel
Poem for Day 103 – 20150413

Cold steel, to stop the anger.
Molded lead, cease the worry.
A step away from nothing,
all to allow blessed mercy,
bring my torture to an end.

Remedies made permanent,
so much the better I say.
Temporary fixes are little better
than air freshener sprayed
in a pit of decaying limbs.

Shout the rage, struggle about.
Shoot the shot, so much better now.
Tranquil numbness spreading outward,
Forgetting the dream of cold steel,
as the world drops back into place.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Sinfest - Bondage Ranger

Poem - She's Pretty

I was watching the movie 88. It is a really twisted tail about a young woman in a deadly fugue state. I found the lead actress Katharine Isabelle to be amazing. Such eyes. The performance inspired me to write the poem “She's Pretty”.

She's Pretty
Bonus Poem for Day 103 – 20150413

She's pretty, in a special kind of way.
Enough to make the Devil blush,
and cause God to look away.

I think she loved me once upon a time,
when we were sane and the world was not,
now things have flipped, so beware.

Eyes of green, heart of gold,
beware the bloody nails,
because into your skin they'll tear.

I'd be careful what you ask from her,
because she'll deliver it to you,
and you'll wonder what you chose.

I wanted the world, she delivered,
on a platter my darkest delights.
served with a smile, a meal I could not resist.

She 's pretty, best to look away,
she'll take your heart, pillage your soul,
with nobody but your self to blame.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved