April 20th, 2015

Shaman - Horse

Poem - Meant for You

Poetry is a strange animal. I can spin a poem in 15 to 30 minutes. Sometimes less when the mood strikes me. This includes time to find a picture suitable to mood of the words. It seems like cheating when I compare the labor to painting a picture, completing a composed song, or molding a clay pot. On top of that there is the thought that poetry is “hard to get”, while innate beauty of other creative media is easy to see when they are masterfully constructed. What does poetry offer in a package that is so easily created and hard to understand? Ah! The poem “Meant for You” attempts to answer this question.

Meant for You
Poem for Day 110 – 20150420

Drawings take my breath,
a melody is pure rapture.
The edited photo is divine,
a tune lifts my spirits.
Could mere poetry do as much,
with words its only device?

I could spin you a tale,
stanzas linked to condition human.
I could appeal to imagination,
outside of sight and sound.
Is this enough to entertain
an audience jaded by alternatives?

Consider where my strengths may lay,
in sly conjecture and innuendo.
Tapping currents running deep
in the conscious of the mind,
as I allude and nudge the things
that other medias cannot convey.

The puzzle lays hidden to outsider,
the thing made plain to the insider.
An experience personal is my offering,
in words connecting to the suffering.
Tableau spread wide when you can see,
mere prattle those who disbelieve.

So I’ll give room to competition,
as vibrant as they may be.
To dazzle is not my sole goal,
instead I only wish to distract.
Twist the words around my pen
while you read a message meant for you.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved