April 26th, 2015

Shaman - Horse

Poem - I See Your Beauty

Sometimes I almost feel like a stalker when I am photographing dancers. On top of that I'm not above having favorites. The poem “I See Your Beauty” attempts to explain my relationship with the beauty of others, my desire to have the rest of the world to see it, and the boundaries of this interplay. The poem reflects the result: a purposeful battle of desire and discretion.

I See Your Beauty
Poem for Day 116 – 20150426

I see your beauty,
and raise you again,
that a more fair visage
could not grace
my vision, my world,
here on this night.

I desire no indulgences
beyond life's stations
assigned to us now.

I see your beauty,
seek to capture it,
to take nothing from you,
and give the world,
everything it needs
to know God's grace
bestowed upon us.

I desire nothing beyond
what I can capture
from photo or poem oblique.

I see your beauty,
Your dress, your hair,
your smile, your poise,
all of this and more
speaks to my love,
my longing to see
life's true splendour.

I desire only that,
the ability to remember
the image of another.

I see your beauty,
nothing more I can say.
I show your beauty,
male or female,
it matters not,
when heaven's rapture
visits here this night.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved