May 7th, 2015

Shaman - Horse

Poem - Frightened Felines

I don't listen to the news, not even NPR. I seem to get my full of “news” by observing the pages of my FB friends. Sadly I see only the extremes of stories, ongoing conflicts that build upon history, each bloody day creating new fodder. “Frightened Felines” is a sideways glance at the culture and political wars prevalent in social media.

Frightened Felines
Poem for Day 127 – 20150507

A hundred cats running in directions separate,
each on its way, surety in kind,
a hundred outcomes, each an answer,
no single direction agreed on.
See the felines, victims all,
conspiracies inflected on each,
scramble for cover, duck and weave,
weaponize for action retaliatory.

When the hammer is the answer,
to subjugate errant concerns,
who will be the nail, the one to bang,
when those in the right are the tool?
All are soldiers, mix in the generals,
form the armies, battle the only tool,
to war is the only apparent outcome
when the hammer is the answer.

Foundation be damned, center be cursed,
cohesion is the glue most evil
that holds together a sad world
ready for a firm guiding hand.
When the solution is destruction,
removal of discordant the only path,
what is left in the resulting dust,
will the center hold together?

No prisoners taken, no truce flags honored,
the best enemy is a dead one,
under the hammer, tool at hand,
world made better without the likes of you.
Field of corpses, cats of all stripes and shades,
laid down by the righteous, honor intact,
as the wind whispers to deaf ears,
tears invisible to blank eyes, a eulogy of the right.

Truce in the war, allow the dust to settle,
imposed by lack of combatants,
the cause continues ever on,
but there is no one left to fight.
The center is no more, survivor scattered to the wind.
Cats have their ways, imposed solitude.
No middle ground, save a place for corpses,
when the center fails for frightened felines.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Shaman - Horse

Poem - Sweet Danseuse

One of the things that I love about Swing dancing is the ability to focus on a single partner for a period of time. There are no distractions. There is only you, your partner, and the music facilitating the encounter. My poem “Sweet Danseuse” is about such an encounter.

Sweet Danseuse
Poem for Day 128 – 20150508

I'll be your lead, you my partner,
we'll follow the music's tune,
the familiar beat, flowing as one.
DJ, you're the man on the job,
you've picked the best from the batch,
the one we always want to hear.

Swing out, leave for a time,
find your personal dance delight,
just come back, find my deft hand.
We could dance this in our sleep,
the words as familiar as our moves,
soft to ear, sensual to the touch.

Cozy up to my side, don't be shy.
We'll sway to the beat, to and fro,
heaven on earth, you by my side.
We'll do some slow side by side,
move into a close embrace,
tucked in tight, with nowhere to go.

Time flies, emotions combine,
not enough time with one so pretty,
the most beautiful none will deny.
I'll be your lead, dance's guide,
for this musical interlude too brief,
my partner, my sweet danseuse.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Shaman - Horse

Poem - Loving You

Listening to swing music gets me in the mood to write a bit of romantic prose. The poem “Loving You” is dedicated to those with whom I had incredibly intimate relationships. They are in the past, no longer intimate in the present, but the love created continues on to this day.

Loving You
Poem for Day 129 – 20150509

Decades have passed and still you command
a portion of my waking thoughts.
Time sped by, chasing in the future,
and still you bring a smile to this one.

We were once intimate, more than most,
lovers perhaps, only we will know,
in that past time, so long ago,
you were the very best to me.

Your touch, your laugh, precious to me.
Along with your thoughts, your company.
I was blessed by your companionship,
echoing until this current future day.

We are separate, miles between us,
commitments incompatible,
earnest vows made to other ones,
but this does not lessen a feeling.

You are precious still, a vibrant soul.
We maybe older, no longer maybe lovers,
in its place something more sincere,
an easy way to keep on loving you.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved