June 1st, 2015

Shaman - Horse

Poem - Rhyming Words

Romantic songs and lyrics walk the line between expressing desire and being uber-creep. The poem “Rhyming Words” is a poet's muted expression of romance. Hopefully the recipient is open to the offered verse.

Rhyming Words
Poem for Day 152 – 20150601

I would write you a short poem,
or perhaps a long one if so possessed.
This is likely as I'm smitten
with one close to heart but far apart.
The muse has spun my spilled words,
invoking your presence to my pen.
If only I could speak aloud
the stanzas I must now reveal.

I've spoken before in rhyming words,
meaning hidden, known only to me,
wishing that you would see within
words cast to the world but meant for you.
Veiled allusions to your beauty,
my desires expressed in winding words,
twisted to hide what I cannot say,
allusion calls from the heart that yearns.

Romantic entreaties frighten me,
this shy poet with words to speak.
I’ve smithed a verbal invitation
for my interest to interpretate.
Now I stand on chasm's edge,
with voice made mute in anticipation,
until your words fill this breach,
answering the call I've cast forth.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved