June 16th, 2015

Shaman - Horse

Poem - Go to the Light

The poem “Go to the Light” fulfills my goal of writing a theme’d poem about “light” and expressing one of my inner struggles.

Go to the Light
Poem for Day 167 – 20150616

If I could go to the light,
escape from this life's blight,
burdens and trials would fall away,
sweet release from life's chains.
This presumes an outward path,
one that forgives the immediate act,
ignoring the betrayal to the world,
offering balm to this tired soul.

I could go to the light,
yet still I stand here by your side.
The burdens grow greater more,
life's chains tighten to constrict.
Here is a truth, this also will pass,
by my hand or that of karmic intervention.
The choice may pass from me,
correctly so if I acquiesce.

You ask why I hold on,
stay with this very mortal coil,
I can only reply with timid voice:
contracts and kindred souls.
Obligations to my fellow man,
those both close and far.
Connections to those like me,
echoing a lust for life incomplete.

Others are an example
of those striving to hang on.
Their coaxing memes tell the tale
of spiritual lives held to heart.
These mantras I know well,
of higher self and thinking right.
Creation is what we make of it,
playground of conscious in a worldly shell.

I will go to the light,
but not to the one of bitter ends.
I will instead walk the path on this earth,
going to the light that shines within.
The path is shown by those of spirit,
those with hearts of gay abandon.
The trials are part of my path here,
these I will embrace as I play here.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved