June 25th, 2015

Professor Chaos - Angry

Poem - Insane Iceberg

Hate crimes do not exist in a vacuum. The perpetrators are the visible edge of a societal illness. The trend now is to call them insane or mad. The truth is bigger than this soothing fairy tale told by society to ease it’s conscious.

Insane Iceberg
Poem for Day 175 – 20150624

They call him insane,
mad virgin birth,
society not to blame.
Hold fast to that lie
if you dare to hide,
for the truth of it madness,
an inch deep and a mile wide.
Shift the narrative,
the perspective changes,
with society in blame instead.

Pride of heritage
instead of
raging hatred.

Maintaining order
instead of
state of terror.

Tradition embraced
instead of
power retained.

Defending constituents
instead of
suppressing outsiders.

Preserving history
instead of
continuing discrimination.

Does that feel better now?
The man is no longer to blame.
Insanity is a matter of perspective,
gradients of shared introspection.
The man is as alone as
the tip of the insane iceberg.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Professor Chaos - Evil

Poem - Others Can

The poem "Others Can" is an editorial reflection on the dark side of human nature. It is my observation that those who hate an action the most are also the ones that want to indulge in their own version of the condemned action. This observation does not apply to those who blindly follow the dogma of their cause. Instead I speak to those who would jump at the chance to do the same as those railed against. WHY? Psych 101 would say that these people can emotionally relate to the action because THEY want to perpetrate the same. It is this emotional connection that fans the fires of condemnation. Could be.

As a personal side-note, I was particularly fearful during the Bush neoconservative years. There were people with dominionist (http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Dominionism) goals holding the reins of government. Those people are still around, but their grip has been loosened. This poem is an editorial jab at these persons as well. Am I paranoid here? Probably… chalk it up to the rantings of an old(er) man.

Others Can
Bonus Poem for Day 176 – 20150625

Others can have a theocracy,
others can strike down the heathens,
others can rule it all,
others can make every decision,
others can and we cannot.

Others can stride through the world,
others can kill the ones you hate,
others can steal what they want,
others can sin with impunity,
others can and we cannot.

We'll rail against the transgressors,
planning to do these same ourselves.
This may sound confusing,
like we're the crazy ones.
There is a method to our madness,
the allowance for our actions.
Others can do these things,
and they are evil personified.
but we do these things,
in grace we are justified.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.