June 28th, 2015

Shaman - Horse

Poem - Silence Broken

I struggle with shyness (yes!) and self worth (yes yes!). There have been dark times when life seemed to be pointless. These dark moments were thankfully interrupted by people whose lives bumped into mine. They did not suspect the intercession of their actions. The poem “Silence Broken” is a heartfelt thanks to the people who have had an incredible impact on my desire to continue on.

Silence Broken
Poem for Day 179 – 20150628

Silence reverberates through a life still lived,
the product of of those who have helped me here.
The calm exterior belies the awful truth,
I would not be here if it were not for you.

It is time an exclamation of the intercedents,
those who came between myself and an end.
Literal at times when life's fervor fails,
usually a balm for a battered time.

You knew nothing of how very shy I am,
crossing the divide in between when I could not.
Facade of busy sureness nudged away,
the drowning swimmer pulled from the waters.

You held my hand was I was so far down,
and danced with me when I wanted to die.
The former was a needed salve for the soul,
the latter was intervention when life was dark.

You asked me to waltz when I was ready to leave,
and held me close during the day long festival.
I was ready to quit the day, leave that night,
another soul kept me connected to the whole.

You chatted me up when there was no need,
resulting discussion like water in the desert.
The exterior a masque of a person content,
the inner thirsting for the human connect.

Some would call these timing, I'll not deny,
if circumstance held the divine's guidance.
I instead hold to a truer revelation,
the compassion of the person you are.

I may have said nothing all these many years,
now there are those I cannot fully thank.
They have passed away from my mortal sight,
no longer on this one's stage of life.

Now I speak for those who can still hear,
retract my silence about those I hold dear.
Thank you for being more than you were asked,
I speak your names as my life continues on.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.