July 12th, 2015

Shaman - Horse

Poem - Spilled Ink

The tag “spilled ink” embraces original works by today's poets. There is an enormous body of past poetry in the world. This wealth is shared by many, be it in requoting or restatement in memes. There are those looking for new works, output of the souls expressing today. Tag your original work with the tag “spilled ink” so you can be found.

Spilled Ink
Poem for Day 193 – 20150712

They say ink is spilled in pursuit
of poetry's goal to be shared.
Muse's blood spent to fulfill
the poet's desire to express a soul.
To this end I shout private words,
spilled from my bleeding pen,
made public by my admissions
of humanity shared.

I see the drops laid at my feet,
combined to flow in unison
as the stream of my work is lost
to the common breadth of ocean.
So many competing scribblings,
clamoring to splash kind reader
with ink of the poetic soul
seeking to be heard above the din.

Yet a connection does exist
to those who choose to read my words.
I may not be an ocean deep,
this matters not if the ink does speak.
I say ink is spilled for words
bled from the soul, sent to you,
meager droplets of a life shared
so we may not drown in this world.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Shaman - Horse

Poem - Friends Three by Three

Facebook attempts to state who my top nine friends are. This is expressed in a three by three picture grid. The poem “Friends Three By Three” is an exploration of this revelation.

Friends Three By Three
Bonus Poem for Day 193 – 20150712

Friends three by three,
a statement to the world
of those most close to me.
A guess at the connections
manifest in this lonely place
of those who speak to me.

There is truth in advertising,
kernels found that explain
the connections present here
in the three by three pictuary.
As close as lovers may be,
as far as distant interests shared,
admiration mixed with adoration,
soul mates in the mix of life.

A foundation of life's shared,
presented as friends three by three.
Square confidant of my world,
publicly exclaimed to the all,
very mysterious in calculation,
yet nobody else should be
my reminder of shared humanity.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.