July 13th, 2015

Sinfest - Media Manipulator

Poem - Dance with the Devil

The poem “Dance with the Devil” is about the other form of dance, and the presentation of such in entertainment media. Perceptions are twisted, expectations and the outcome is satisfactory to the damaged consumer.

Dance with the Devil
Poem for Day 194 – 20150713

To dance with the devil
to see life through his eyes
you'd best watch out boy
he'll take you for a ride.

Plastic constructs to tempt the eye
outlier dimensions known to few
how can you compare the fantasy
to the thing you call reality?
Heights set too high to reach
valleys too deep to dive
a world of expectations irrelevant
to a world shared with the rest of us.

Fun house mirrors for relationships shown
twist the existing and birthing the new
spawn of salacity most impure
only existing in the devil's brew.
Behavior on the edge of norms
beyond the society's pale
where is middle road for you
when the extreme they do exceed?

To dance with the devil
will take you far away
you'd best watch out boy
he'll take you for a ride.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.