September 5th, 2015

Shaman - Horse

Poem - In the Canyons of Our Space

Some days I am stuck for a poem idea. The answers come on the wings of my connection with the world. The poem “Canyons of Our Space” was inspired by a by a friend's social posting. Ironically the poem speaks to the frustration of communicating with others.

Canyons of Our Space
Poem for Day 247 – 20150905

Have I been declarative,
purposely demonstrative,
or have I imagined interactions
based on discussions in my mind.
The words should be a lever
upon the fulcrum of our destinies,
if there were something solid
in the canyons of our space.

Filled with wounded pride,
ego trips and unnecessary anger,
these remnants of discussions past,
spawned from behaviors shared.
The gap between you and me,
echo chamber of scorched ground,
begs for hearts to reconsider
in the canyons of our space.

Flawed self-awareness is our curse,
God's last joke before week's end.
The selfish soul asks for solitude
in the face of life's torment.
Misery seeks company
is the void's whispered reply.
Cast your lot and join the rest
in the canyons of our space.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Shaman - Horse

Poem - Spend the Time

A friend asked about reaching out to others. Their focus was in the area of rescuing others from painful situations. This can be a very loving action. It can be something else also. The poem “Spend the Time” is a side-by-side look at the two sides of this coin.


Spend the Time

Bonus Poem for Day 247 – 20150905


Selfish Ego

Loving Heart

Spend the time,

reach out a hand,

to heal another

when it is you

needing to be saved.


To be a savior

would be a treat,


mending of

the life within.


Should I smile

and say okay

to ease your mind

so you may

walk away?


Call me if you

need me is the

refrain I hear

to which I nod

as you walk away.

Spend the time

with a fellow soul,

one in need of

life's consolation

on the rocky shoals.


Are you a savior,

or just a reminder

of who I could be

instead of the one

that I am today?


If I reveal enough

of who I am

would this coax

me to become

the one yet to be?


Call me if you

have the time,

my heart does plead.

You nod and echo back

my love I feel for you.


© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.